What I believe in

Mar 6, 2022


Okay look, I'm at that age where I'm 'figuring things out' and 'finding myself' etc. etc, so I wrote this in a burst of self-understandingy inspiration. The internet is a great beacon to meet people who believe in what you do, so I'm making it public in case you, dear visitor, want to know more about me.

Everything is subject to change (and lowkey idk when I will update this so consider this up to date only up till the date of the post)

What do I believe in?

  • People need to create
  • You need to understand your own emotions + most people don’t understand themselves
  • It’s important to think different
  • Rule for making things: Don’t accept unnecessary inconveniences

What do I like?

  • I like meeting and connecting lots of interesting people
  • I like creating things: videos, paintings, drawings, blogs, websites, crafts, electronics, tutorials
  • I’m very curious. I don’t think there’s anything I won’t want to learn. That sometimes can be a bad thing- I’m interested in physics, chem, biotech, web dev, dev tools, writing, art, literature, non-fiction, film, electronics, music and music theory, history of civilisation, history of progress, philosophy, cognitive science and more.
  • I like long meandering conversations on long walks with interesting people. It’s my guilty pleasure. In fact, I need to try my best to avoid doing it too much, because I generally push my social battery too much
  • Speaking of: I like periods of extreme socialisation followed by periods of extreme solitude. I like being by myself, and thinking and ideating and sitting with whatever thoughts cross my mind.
  • I usually get my best work done alone, at night, after dinner, in silence.
  • I don’t like anything that involves gatekeepers. Might be an ego thing. But I think most people join organisations because of the status they confer, not because they are the best way to achieve a goal they are passionate about.

What do I think is important?

  • True learning is difficult, and most people are pattern matching. I think it’s important to actually understand what you’re working on fundamentally. One must always ask- so what does that really mean?/ So what’s actually going on?/ Why exactly is that happening?

  • I think it’s important to be opinionated about the world, with the caveat that you should hold a few of these opinions with extreme confidence, and many with very low confidence. And with all of them, be willing to change your mind should enough evidence present itself.

  • I think friends are people you can be emotionally intimate with. It’s important to cultivate a few deep friendships like this. However, if we aren’t being overly semantic, friends are people you’ve had and can have conversations that leave you feeling extremely energised.

  • If you can’t work enough/ are procrastinating/ something in your life you want to happen isn’t easily happening, you need to change your environment. Do not force your way through existential problems; play judo with them instead.

  • Fundamentally, I think the world is a malleable place. People just like you and me can make concrete change. But this requires understanding how things really work, being opinionated on how things should be, and working hard to get there. All of this is very difficult. Changing how things are done is one of the harder things anyone can do. So it’s important to surround yourself with people who understand you to help along the way.