Mar 6, 2022


2022 (We're here!):

  • Running another book exchange
  • Learning to manage myself in school
  • Making more videos, writing more things, typing more code.


  • Took a gap sem
  • Taught kids full time for 3 months
  • Shipped a bunch of technical projects
  • Started berkeley irl
  • Met a lot of online freinds irl
  • Shipped some projects
  • Got 500k+ views on TikTok
  • Ran an international book exchange.


  • Started the Enlite community
  • Ran a global hackathon
  • Finished high school and left pioneer
  • Restarted my youtube channel
  • Started UC Berkeley
  • Wrote a lot about learning


  • Interned for unscramble.ai
  • Started interning for Pioneer


  • Created Enlite v1
  • Created MLblocks


  • Learnt ios dev
  • Did opinir internship
  • Started my medium blog
  • Started teaching kids coding in school


  • After posting 3x a week on my channel for 1.5 years, stopped it
  • Went to my first hackathon

2015: Moved schools to an international one

2014: Got into arduino and electronics, taught myself to code, started a youtube channel

2013: Started playing minecraft and put 100+ hours into building my world

2012: Beat the Singapore long distance paper plane record that year

2011: I moved to Singapore. Got super into Origami, pissed off my teachers with my overflowing desk full of folded paper

2010: I finished reading Harry Potter

2008: Started learning Karate and playing the Piano

2007: I loved Art Attack, and I’d recreate my versions of the “Big Pictures” on the floor of my room

2002: Born in India