Mar 6, 2022

about - a global secret santa book exchange

Enlite community - an online learning community which was active for 1.5 years

JSLisp - A LISP programming language written from scratch in JS

Sheets - Minimal excel sheet implementation written from scratch in JS

Markdown - Markdown to HTML compiler written from scratch in JS

Meetwhen - Calendar tool that helps you schedule meetings across timezones

BestLinks - Website to display your best tweets

Serentwipity - Randomly pulls up interesting people who follow you on Twitter

Hawkeye - Search through your Twitter follower base by place, location, description

No BS twitter - Chrome extension that removes the explore page, suggested follows, and news from Twitter

Learning tracker - allows you to log what you’re learning as you do it

Benedict Cumberbatch name generator - toy hack I made to teach my sister html/js/css.

Toy NN framework - A neural network library built from scratch

Enlite app - My 10th grade attempt at Uber for Tutors

Paper generator - A website that generated question papers for revision

YearInCode - Spotify rewind but for code

MLBlocks - A drag and drop ML platform that won $10,000 at a competition from NTU

World translator - App that allowed you to take a photo of something, and translate it between languages

Foodie - Allowed you to get the nutritional value of food by taking a photo of it.

Electronics projects I built:

  • Quadruped robot
  • DIY MP3 system
  • Smart mirror
  • Smiler: interactive exhibit that got people to smile for 10 seconds in front of a screen
  • Hydroponics : made a hydroponics system that grew plants for school
  • Electric Skateboard
  • Analog music visualiser