What I'd like to see more of

Mar 19, 2022


More creativity- I want to see more individual art, less manufactured content. We should have an explosion of creators making videos, writing blogs, etc. but also larger projects like movies and documentaries and the like

More individual science- somehow, we need more individuals practicing and experimenting and ‘doing science’ without thinking they need to be part of some institution

More emotional intelligence- people should learn to manage their internal emotional state. No letting blind spots and unresolved issues guide you. While some might argue you need a certain unhingedness to be great, I’d say you can do that without being an emotionally underdeveloped asshole/insecure person. My hypothesis is that
will do great things | in touch with own needs and emotionswill do great things | not in touch with own needs and emotions
(This is with the caveat that people don't spend their entire lives toiling over 'who they are')

More definite optimist ambition- Power to them etc. etc. but kids whose goals are to collect achievements for the sake of them make me annoyed. I want less optionality, less “improving my resume,” more working hard on seeing the world you want or doing things you believe in.

More social technology (but rational)- Religion, communal living, spirituality in general are all social technologies. They serve real, rational purposes. We need to bring back a lot of what society has rejected with a new, enlightened view. More communal places to meet and reflect. More believing in higher purposes. More feeling connected with everyone.

More collective projects- Humans can achieve some pretty great things if we stop bickering and put our heads down and coordinate. This is why social technologies are important. We can increase our knowledge of physics and the material world as much as we want, but after a point we need to coordinate to make these things a reality. New York should extend Manhattan, California should build a high speed LA-SF rail, we should build more tall buildings, we should send more things into space.

In general, I think all of these point to a single idea, which is progress in solving more problems, both people problems and physical problems. If we can be creative, experiment with ourselves and introspect, we can build bigger institutions, which with definite optimism, can achieve grand, collective projects, and push human progress further.