Sarvasv Kulpati

What’s up, I’m Sarv. I’m currently a student at UC Berkeley. I’m at that point in life where I’m interested in so many things, I can’t really summarize myself as a “something”-er. I code, write non-fiction, write fiction, make youtube videos, make tiktoks, read a lot, play piano, do electronics.

I think a lot about math, web dev, dev tools, writing, art, literature, non-fiction, film, electronics, music and music theory, history/future of civilisation, history of progress, philosophy, cognitive science, personal psychology, emotional intelligence, computing, learning and more. (Did I mention I’m interested in a lot of things)

You can see a list of projects I've done here

A brief history of me here

Some more on what I like/believe in here here


I'm a big fan of meeting new people. If you find anything I've written here interesting, feel free to DM on Twitter or email me with your thoughts at my full name @ gmail dot com.